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BPO / REO List for 2012

Top Broker Price Opinion / REO Company list.
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Mortgage BPO List PG-2


bpo reo ebook

Bpos for major national mortgage companies and reo foreclosure companies

Fiserv Lending Solutions
Valuation Services

First American
Residential Value

FCI Lender Services Inc
REO Management - Property Valuations BPO

First Preston
Marketing and managing REO homes for Mortgage Companies

Five Brothers
Full range of REO services for Mortgage Lenders including BPOs

Goodman Dean
REO and BPO services for Mortgage Lenders

National Asset Management Group
Default Services, Asset Management, BPO's

Nationwide BPO's
NationwideBPOs works with many banks, mortgage brokers, asset managers.

Pro Teck

Pro-teck valuation services, busy bpo company.

REO and BPO - Large Mortgage Lender asset manager

REO Corporation
Nationwide Appraisal and BPO Professionals

REO Illinois
REO's and BPO's

REO Nationwide
Reonationwide, broker price opinions and reo's.

Residential Real Estate Review
Broker Price Opinions (BPO's) & CMA's