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I'm not your typical Real Estate Guru offering a magical system to make you lots of money. I'm here to offer you a way to improve your income and find new sources of REO real estate listings in your area.

My name is Alex and what I have is the latest most effective list of BPO and REO companies available online. This is a personal list I use and continually refine. This is the only list you need to get started in the REO / BPO industry or add to your current REO / BPO resources.

Why Get This List?

- Time: you wont have to waste it. I already did the legwork for you.

- Its impossible to get reo listings without the right connections.

- BPO is a volume business (Get as many companies as you can to see significant income)

- One BPO order will pay for this list.

- Because my list was purchased by over 1000 agents and I only had one complaint. Less talk, More Walk, My list Delivers. (see what my past clients are saying below)

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Instant Download Includes.

200 Plus BPO / REO company links. ( NO FLUFF; Don't be disappointed by purchasing other lists to findout almost half the links are irrelevant or outdated)

Companies included; Broker Price Opinion, REO, and Asset Management Companies. List is focused on boosting business for Real Estate Agents.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Get this List! With over 200 links. You'll be using your time more effectively by applying for bpo / reo work now.


Step 1: Get this private list.
Step 2: Select companies.
Step 3: Start getting paid.

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Look at the following emails I received from people who purchased and used my guide.

Email By Neil.H

I purchased the reo bpo ebook in 2010. It proved to be a useful and lucrative purchase and I now average $500 - $1000 per week.

thanks Neil.H.


The foreclosure list made it possible for me to pay bills for the past 3 months.
Yes, it takes time to figure each company out, and I applied with maybe 50, and currently get work from approximately 12. Those numbers add up. My numbers went from 30 orders to 70 orders a month.
I am very thankful to have had the list to help me get started.
Thank you!!


Email By J Schafer

The REO Asset Management World is every changing it is always most helpful to
have a current REO list available to increase and update your foreclosure client
base. I found your previous list most helpful and recommend

J Schafer

Email By E Mzumara.

I am in the State of Indiana. I have been in the business for about 8 years. Couple years ago, my business started to slow down due to the slow market. I then tried to purchase your ebook. I read it and i signed in the companies that you had encluded in the book. In not more than 5 days, I started recieving assignments. Had i not purchased your ebook, i would have been strugling. But since i purchased your ebook, I have been doing the foreclosure work on a full time basis. To those who are strugling, I would recommend you to purchase the ebook.
Thank you very much.

E Mzumara

Email By Carl C

After I purchased the list, I thought that it would have been a list of companies that no longer exist, as the other companies selling list did to me in the past. I was so wrong because after just 3 weeks I got approved with 7 companies and started receiving orders. It works, it really does…

Carl C

Email By S Wissner

Hi.. Best money I ever spent. With the foreclosures at an all-time high in Stanislaus County, doing foreclosure work and registering with companies from this list has been my salvation in this deteriorating market.

Thank you
S Wissner

Email By S Gradisher

I am writing to let you know how valuable a tool this Book was. It was worth every penny I paid for it. With the help of your book, I was able to sign up with many company's and received orders fast. The work I have done has lead to more work which is very valuable since I work on my own. I have recommended your book to others who have purchased it and will continue to recommend it. I want to thank you for all the time it takes to put this together and I for one appreciate all your hard work and giving us the opportunity to purchase this to better our potential income. Thanks again for your hard work and I will continue to tell others of your book.

S Gradisher

Email By Dave E

When I purchased this list, this past summer, It gave me some vauable contact's. It was buy far the most comprehesive list that I found on the market. I am now doing business with 7 morgage servicing companies, which is bringing me in a additional $1,000 a month, and this is growing, because when you do a good job, they target your self versus a mass e-mailing.

Thank you
Dave E

Email By Joan W

Early 2010 I realized how important banks and REO's have become to the success of my business. In spite of 11 years experience, I was starting from square one. After fishing around on my own for a while with no success, I found the ebook. I joined and paid for Equator and one or two other agencies, but it was the cross-registration from the list on the ebook that landed me my first major job. Thank you!

Joan W.

Email By Leon G

I purchase the Ebook with all intentions of generating additional income while been optimistic. Like any other E-book online I was skeptical if this truly works but to my surprise the information was up to date and I was able to make contact with asset managers and lenders and now I am so busy I had to hire two new people to help. The booklet works.

Thank You,
Leon G

Email By S Moore

I would recommend the book to anyone looking to get started in the foreclosure market. I sent my letter out to several of the companies on the list and I am now doing several projects a month. I would not have know where to start without this useful contact information. Thanks again.

S Moore

Email By Ted G

I had no experience in the foreclosure marekt when I bought your e-handbook. We now are signed up with over 30 companies and doing jobs. thanks to your very informative ebook.

Ted G

Email By Azhar A

Great Company to work with!
Its almost 2 years since I took a list of companies, I am busy with the REO companies.I strongly recommend those who want to earn money.

Azhar A

Email By K Rindahl

Hi, I am writing this letter in appreciation of the comprehensive REO list I purchased from you last year. The list was not only up-to-date in regards to available companies, but a wonderful on line tool as well. The electronic version allowed for easy access to each companies website.

K Rindahl

Email By Janus

We have used your lists since 2008 and have noticed a 30% increase in revenue. We complete on average any where between 30-50 jobs a week. Thanks for the great lists...always up to date and accurate. Banks will be needing more and more work to complete their REO.


Email By Daniel R.

I have previously purchased a list of companies and was relieved for find that this was a sufficient list of current companies that were actively seeking for vendors! These days you can spend hundreds of dollars on scam websites, but Ive built my trust!!!

Daniel R.

Email By Trevor S

My name is Trevor S. The previous list I purchased solely elevated my REO career to new heights! Thank you very much for providing valuable resources to default servicing professionals. Your list proved to be the light for me in the midst of reo darkness.

Best Regards,
Trevor S

Email By P Moyer

After contacting multiple companies from the previous list, I was very surprised at the number of response's I received. Since then I am receiving a steady amount of work on a regular bases from multiple companies. I am looking forward to working with the new updated list.

Hope You Have A Great Day!!
P Moyer

Email By Ryan F

My experience with this ebook has been amazing. I purchased my first list in November of 2009, and I was consistantly completing about 50-65 projects per month. I admit that I was sceptical before purchasing this list, however within the first month I had been accepted to 3 new companies and had completed over 50 orders more than my previous monthly average. Just that month I increased my income by $1,500. I am now completing 175-220 orders per month, and I could not have done it without my ebook. I highly reccomend this product, and I continually apply to new companies. I hope to be completing 300+ jobs per month by summer 2011.

Thank you for everything,
Ryan F

Email By Daniel G

This list helped increase my output by 50%!

Daniel G

Email By M Cecchini

I purchased the REO list for 2010. The list is so long
I still haven't been able to contact all the companies and now they have
added more! I do work for over 10 companies now and also have some
exclusive relationships where I get the opportunity to accept the jobs before
it is offered to any other. The list has the company names & websites.
You just click on the link and you are directed right to the company. It is
as easy as that.


M Cecchini

Email By Jack O

I tripled my business in just 3 months by using this book. A "must have" reference for anyone

Jack O

Email By Arthur M

I have purchased the List and was very happy with it. It made my work
much easier to locate all the REO companies. Keep doing the good job
and let me know about any new updates! Thank you!

Arthur M.


Email By Larry D

We started using this list about 6 months ago and now have regular work with over 8 companies.
Great way to get a consolidated list of companies. no more searching for weeks on end to compile your working list. Turn key list for people wanting to get in to the foreclosure business.

Larry D


Step 1: Get this private list.
Step 2: Select companies.
Step 3: Start getting paid.

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